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Dream about Ax & Ax dreams meaning

You are reading post Dream about Ax & Ax dreams meaning at Analyze about your dream & decode meaning dream dictionary. Content is Learn about Dream about Ax & Ax dreams meaning in your dreams.Analyze about your dream Ax & decode meaning Ax dream in dream dictionary! . Thanks you for reading content this post at Dream Dictionary.

Dream about Ax & Ax dreams meaning
Dream about Ax & Ax dreams meaning
Learn about Dream about Ax & Ax dreams meaning in your dreams.Analyze about your dream Ax & decode meaning Ax dream in dream dictionary! To see an ax in your dream indicates that you are overly controlling. It is symbolic of destruction, hostility, and the frustrations that you are experiencing. Perhaps you “have an ax to grind” with someone. Or the dream can be a metaphor that you are ready to “bury the ax” and make amends. To dream that you are chopping wood with an ax suggests that you need to divide your problems into smaller, more manageable sizes. Break down your problems into pieces you can handle.  Alternatively, it indicates that your strength and power have been cut down to size. To dream of an axe symbolizes conflict in your life that is blunt, messy, uncaring, and cold. You may be experiencing a situation or person in your life that makes you feel like they don’t care about anything you’re feeling, and doesn’t mind telling you about all your flaws or weaknesses. A dream featuring an ax symbolizes power and sacrifice. It may suggest that you have an intuitive nature. If the ax is being used on you then this implies that you feel threatened by someone else. To use an ax in the dream implies that you need to be mindful of the destructive nature of your power. An axe is something you may dream when a friendship goes sour and both sides treat to each other with a total lack of respect. An axe can reflect unwelcome brutal honesty, backstabbing, or passive aggressiveness that two people are well aware of. People experiencing prolonged headaches often dream of being attacked in the head with an axe. Example: A young man dreamed of a killer with an axe coming after him and his friend. In waking life the relationship between him and his friend was slowly becoming mean and cruel. Association: – crude mutilation. Question: – What am I ready anzuhacken?


With a dream in which also an ax seems is to be distinguished whether this is directed against the dreaming or whether he uses them themselves. In the first case the dreaming is threatened by the big power of another person. In the second case the dream of the dreaming requires that he must finish to himself to the devastating forces in himself consciously and with them. Who uses them as tools, an aim wants to reach by force, and, besides, goes forward quite thoughtlessly and egoistically. She sends a reminder to follow also the needs more different more. Often also a tip to the fact that one wastes in the deliberate life energy which is absent then at determining moments. If one sees only one ax in the dream, she can warn about a close misfortune which maybe arises from carried too far power striving and unprincipled ambition.


The ax shows power, thunder, conquest of mistakes and victim. It is also a symbol for thoughtless intentions.


  • see: unhappy relations will disturb you, – sends a reminder to the compliance, – many decisions are due,
  • in general: Care in the unway with other people, – one should probably consider his words and furnish his action accordingly(16, 3)
  • trail: one is not quite innocent in the disputes which surround to one,
  • swing: a fate turn approaches.
  • see splitting with it wood: Quarrel and quarrel,
  • split with it themselves wood: Separation in conjugal relations.
  • see which is sharpened sharply: Frights and conflicts will come up on one,
  • take in hand: meant misfortune,
  • have in the hand, trail or swing: The disputes in which one is not quite innocent,
  • another the ax swings
  • : one will suffer from the recklessness of another person,
  • work with it: good advancement,
  • split wood with it: Division with a beloved person,
  • other see using one: Their friends are vigorous and lively and make the life with you for a pleasure,
  • it becomes
  • seen a young woman an ax, a charming, however, have not especially well-to-do lover.

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